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Sushil Ghorpade


The client, one of the largest multinational healthcare service providers, followed a paper-based workflow that was inefficient, cumbersome, and prone to errors and delays. All of their appeals & grievances were manually printed and then mailed to a P O Box. The result – the absence of a tracking system and high call volumes. This further led to longer TATs for their submissions and overall processing. All in all, the client’s progress was hindered by a manual process that was tedious, expensive, and resulted in a high AR cycle time.


Using PCH Global, we provided the client with a real-time robust audit trail and electronic communication with an instantaneous transmission – immediately solving their challenges of tracking and mailing associated with their original workflow. This further empowered them to leverage PCH Global’s existing Digital P.O Box Submissions for Claims, Appeals, and Correspondence Gateway. In addition, PCH Global’s easy-to-comprehend UI (user interface) accelerated the client’s overall processing time, diminishing the scope of claims loss and delays.


  • AR cycle reduced by 9 days
  • Reduced loss of claims
  • Swift claim filing and reduced filing delays

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