Seamless Prior Authorization Services for Payers

Optimize your claim processing with accurate, automated prior authorization solutions from PCH Health






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Streamline your prior authorization workflow with advanced, automated solutions

PCH Health revolutionizes the prior authorization process, saving payers time and resources. Our team of industry experts expedites approvals, enabling timely access to necessary services and treatments.

Using advanced algorithms and automation technologies, PCH Health enhances payer-provider relationships, ensures compliance with industry regulations, and processes accurate authorization requests with fewer denials.

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Expert precertification

Expert precertification

Rely on trusted methodologies and experts with extensive industry knowledge to ensure prior authorization is done right, in line with industry standards.

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Continuous system enhancement

Continuous system enhancement

Our Iterative Feedback Loop Technology and Predictive Analytics transform payer systems to adapt to changing regulations.

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Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Our RPA tools simplify workflows with optical character recognition (OCR) and programmable rules for fast, accurate data capture and reliable outcomes.

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Fast turnaround time

Fast turnaround time

Electronic content creation speeds up the decision-making process and optimizes the claims cycle.

Why PCH Health?

With over 30 years of expertise, PCH Health helps navigate prior authorization with ease.

By integrating robust analytics, intuitive platforms, and personalized support, we empower providers to secure authorizations, streamline workflows, and enhance patient care efficiently.

Ready to automate your prior authorization process?

Why PCH Health?

Our delivery capabilities and performance benchmarks

PCH Health's prior authorization services expedite approvals, enhance patient care, and boost efficiency.


Reduction in pended claims


Lives supported


Turnaround time


HIPAA Compliant

Why choose PCH Health for prior authorization?

Why choose PCH Health for prior authorization?

  • HiTrust-certified infrastructure
  • HIPAA compliant organization
  • Real-time insights and transparency
  • Customer-centric solutions
  • User-friendly dashboard interface
  • Multi-tenancy environment
  • Extensive audit trail

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