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Unified platform for smart, optimized, and simplified healthcare documentation

PCH Health leverages state-of-the-art technology and expert solutions to digitize and modernize healthcare document management.

Our user-friendly, unified environment streamlines your document workflow, enhancing compliance and security.

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Unified environment

Unified environment

Automatically classify and route documents for better organization and access, enhancing security and compliance.

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User-friendly DMS portal

User-friendly DMS portal

User-based access control enables you to manage documents anytime, anywhere, without compromising security.

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Go beyond scanning

Go beyond scanning

Convert unstructured data into searchable PDF format. OCR and NLP technologies automatically classify documents, identify critical data, missing fields, and data exceptions to ensure higher data integrity.

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Flexible and scalable operations

Flexible and scalable operations

A range of onsite, offsite, and hybrid solutions enable full support or partnership with staff, secure digitized records at an Exela facility, or combined services at client and PCH Health locations for added flexibility.

Why PCH Health?

PCH Health offers features designed to optimize your document workflow, including customizable organization tools, real-time access from any device, and secure document digitization.

Our document management solution offers an end-to-end approach with enhanced accuracy, efficiency, accessibility, and compliance.

Modernize your healthcare documentation with PCH Health!

Why PCH Health?

Our delivery capabilities and performance benchmarks

PCH Health's document management solutions enable easy and secure access to documents from anywhere, anytime.


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HIPAA Compliant

Why opt for PCH Health’s document management solution?

Why opt for PCH Health’s document management solution?

  • HITRUST-certified infrastructure
  • HIPAA-compliant organization
  • Real-time insights and transparency
  • Customer-centric solutions
  • Easy search and retrieval
  • A unified platform
  • Extensive audit trail

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