Accelerate Your Medical Claims Editing Process with 3X Accuracy

Master your claims process with flawless submissions, eliminating costly back-and-forth with providers


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Fine-tune your claims with PCH Health

Navigating claims quickly and precisely can be daunting and often leads to costly repercussions for healthcare payers.

PCH Health offers a user-friendly claims editing tool designed to quickly identify and rectify errors before submission, saving time and resources for the parties involved.

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Extensive smart edits database

Extensive smart edits database

In-app editing with over 119 million pre-submission SNIP-level edits, offering cleaner claims and a higher first-pass rate.

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End-to-end claims processing

End-to-end claims processing

End-to-end solution to ingest, adjudicate, pay, and analyze healthcare claims, promoting accuracy and efficiency.

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Cleaner claims with ACE

Cleaner claims with ACE

Optum Advanced Clinical Editing (“ACE”) for accurate and efficient claims processing and cleaning.

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Prevent denials before submission

Prevent denials before submission

Automatic detection of "Certain to Deny" claims, improving first-pass billing accuracy by 24-31%.

Why PCH Health?

PCH Health facilitates streamlined, automated claim editing during adjudication, effectively reducing claim errors and denials.

Our high precision, AI-driven platform enables claims payment accuracy, greater regulatory compliance with editing standards and custom rules, and reduction in expenses and manual intervention.

PCH Health has processed 42M+ claim edits and adjudication to date, with a 20 - 25% overall increase in pass rate on claims.

Optimize your claims today!

Why PCH Health?

Our delivery capabilities and performance benchmarks

PCH Health's claims editing tool allows real-time identification and rectification of errors, ensuring accuracy before submission.


Reduction in administrative costs


Reduction in denials and rejections


Edit recommendations


Overall increase in pass rate on claims

Why choose PCH Health as your best bet for claims processing?

Why choose PCH Health as your best bet for claims processing?

  • HITRUST-certified infrastructure
  • HIPAA compliant organization
  • Advanced algorithms that reduce the risk of claim denials
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Customer-centric solutions
  • Comprehensive audit trails

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